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10 Tips To Improve Your Credit Score -
By Kristy M Lopez

I am in the process of purchasing a house and I can say that the process hasn't exactly been an easy one, even though I am working with some awesome women to help me through this process. The first, and biggest, thing I had to do was get my credit under control. Here are 10 tips I have learned along the way about how to improve your credit score fast so that you can qualify to receive a home loan.




The Best Time To Buy A Home Is NOW!

There has never been a better time in history to buy a home as right now. Mortgage rates have maintained an all-time low. More home owners are paying cash for their home, getting great deals and even working out seller contracts that offer bargain interest rates as well.

Mortgage Loan Modification

If you currently have a Home Mortgage and you are facing a tough situation right now, then taking advantage of the Obama Administration's Home Affordable Mortgage Program may be right for you! If you have been a victim of the mortgage crisis or if you are having trouble paying your existing mortage payment on time, then this the Mortgage Loan Modification ebook is a must read!


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